Mortgages: As a residential wholesale direct banker, Choice Mortgage Bank, Inc. specializes in quick mortgage approvals for home borrowers. 
Lending: We offer a wide range of loan programs and products that are backed by our excellent customer support and services.
Residential Loans: We can help make your dreams come true with our wide selection of loan options. Choice Mortgage Bank, Inc. currently lends on single-family homes, multi-family homes up to four units, and condos. Our loans are secure and collateralized by residential properties. 
Home Financing: Unlike other companies who lend on boats, automobiles, business and personal, Choice Mortgage Bank, Inc. ONLY lends of homes. Our specialization and expertise ensures that we will find the perfect fit for your financing needs. 
Forward Mortgages: A forward mortgage can enable you to purchase or refinance the home of your dreams while building equity in your home. 
Government Loans: Choice Mortgage Bank Inc. offers a variety of other loan options, such as programs for low-income families and veterans. Make sure to ask us if you qualify for any special loan programs such as FHA, VA and reverse mortgages. 
Reverse Mortgages: If you are 62 or older, we can help you access a portion of the equity built up in your home and turn it into cash. There are several reverse mortgage programs to select from and we can help you to choose the one right for your needs.

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